“It is hard for me to put together the right words to describe how pleased I was with Craig’s services. After my car accident, I was left with trauma and injuries that will never be fully healed. Thanks to Craig, he took on my case and won me a settlement that I never knew even existed. He helped me compensate what was rightfully deserved for the pain and suffering I had faced. Craig really took care of me in my time of need and provided me with the compassion and integrity that he is well known for.”



“To put in words how Mr. Nichols helped with a case that was a classic ‘David versus Goliath’ is no easy feat. I met him two months after losing my husband of 20+ years. His knowledge, his patience, his demeanor made me feel so at ease that even now that he has won my case, I still feel like I need to call him just to say ‘how are you’. Not many lawyers make you feel so secure.”




“Dear Craig,

I am writing to thank you and your staff for the continued and unwavering work that was done on my case over the last 6 years. Your patience and personal understanding of my situation is very refreshing in this fast paced world of, not much caring.  Not being familiar with the legal system in matters such as this, you are to be commended in taking time in explaining what to expect and what, “not to expect” with my case. Your professionalism, I believe made all the difference in the favorable outcome of my very difficult case. I wish there were more people like you, who actually care about their clients and treated them as professionally as you.

Thank you again for all your help. You can be assured that I will recommend your law firm to any of my friends and business associates.”




 “I was involved in a car accident and the person who hit me said she just bumped the back end of my car. She also said that there was nothing wrong with me but, I ended up in the emergency room with many injuries. I knew I needed an attorney to advise me what to do in this situation. I also knew I did not want an attorney who did a lot of advertising on the television. Attorney, Craig Nichols, took a lot of time listening to my case. If I had questions about what was going on with my paperwork he either took my call or called me back that same day to give me an update. He is very good at what he does and really cares about his clients. As a result, I ended up with a settlement that was more than I ever dreamed I would get from my case. I will recommend attorney Craig Nichols to any of my family members or friends, especially if they want their case handled in a very professional manner.”




 “Dear Craig and Staff,

This letter is to thank you, Craig Nichols and your staff, for your expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail. I especially appreciated your personal touch of taking the time to truly understand and emphasize with my condition of RSD resulting from injuries received in my car accident. You went out of your way to try to minister to my emotional needs as well as looking to my financial security. There is considerable emotional whiplash resulting from chronic pain condition such as this. You did your best to keep me on the positive side of things, to not lose hope that things will improve an to encourage me not to give up but to continue to follow the doctor’s plan of care. Things have been slowly improving just as you said they would. It is a rare quality in this day to have a lawyer caring about one’s whole being. I appreciate the time that you took to thoroughly educate me to the process so that I would know what to expect at each step. The average person is at an extreme disadvantage in dealing with insurance companies by themselves. They do not know how the system works, what is reasonable and within their rights or how to negotiate effectively. I would heartily recommend general legal counsel for this and would recommend specifically Craig Nichols law firm for accident injury cases. It certainly does not hurt having David in my corner fighting Goliath for me, a fact for which I am grateful! Not only did you, Craig, obtain for me close to the maximum settlement possible without having to go to trial, which in itself was miracles and an answer to my prayer, but you continue to call occasionally just to ask how I am doing.

I consider you a friend as well as an advocate. God will bless you for your kindness and compassion!

Thank you very much.”




 “Dear Craig and co.

This is a long overdue expression of thanks for all the hard work you put into my case. Your entire team fought for me a battle that I would never have been able to navigate; I felt as though you all were personally invested in my best interests. There were many hiccups tbut you handled them so well, with professionalism and tact. Thank you for always being honest with me and for fighting for me when things looked bleak. As I said to you before, you were a tool in the Lord’s hands on my behalf. I would recommend you to anyone.

Thank you.”